Female Uber Driver Shares Her Experience

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Latest Gig Job News: November 1st 2017

Uber gets 3-year reprieve! After 750,000+ Londoners showed their outrage at TFL’s attempt to remove Uber from London streets, the courts have awarded Uber 3 years to appeal TFL’s decision. Meanwhile Uber is allowed to continue its rideshare program until the matter is settled and Londoners can again get affordable rides.

A self-proclaimed “gig boss” has been driving with Uber for just over a year and says she absolutely loves the flexibility.

We asked this mother of two what the upsides and downsides were when working in the gig industry.

Upsides included:

  • Flexibility allowing her to work whenever and wherever she wants.
  • Same-day “cash-outs” allowing her to earn interest on income immediately without waiting for her earnings to be deposited.
  • No helicopter bosses – full autonomy.
  • Ability to take as many holidays as she wants without requiring the consent of a manager or an HR department.  “If I want to spend 2 months in the Serengeti or North Pole, it’s a no-brainer” she says.
  • Every day  is a new experience. Interesting conversations and unique perspectives. One gains a tremendous insight into human nature.
  • Being self-employed, you call the shots. Uber is simply an application that drivers and riders use.


  • Sitting in a vehicle for long periods is not good for you. Getting out and stretching between rides and walking is key, as is joining a gym.

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