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Work with us, start making money!
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Fees up to £16/hr + tips + petrol
What you need:
A bicycle or scooter/motorbike with relevant safety equipment (road safety is a huge must for us!)
Smartphone – iPhone 4s or above or Android 4.3 or above
The legal right to work in the UK.
Deliver great food to homes and offices everywhere.
Flexible work, competitive fees.

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Make up to £9/hour as a cleaner or £30/hour as a handyman/woman.

Our top professionals make more than £600 a week.

Task Rabbit

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Find jobs you like, make a schedule that fits your life.

You choose the rates here and the type of jobs you want to do.
Flexible work when you choose to do it.

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Find gigs you want to work on.
Charge what you want.

Flexible work when you choose to do it.
Work from anywhere, anytime.
Here you can earn money doing web design, admin, data entry, web development, editing and other online work.

Uber Eats

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Start making money.


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Bizzby does “on-demand services for your smartphone”.

You can order a cleaner, handyman or plumber and get all manner of things delivered, from flowers to dry cleaning, in a few quick taps.


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Choose your own hours & holidays. Work close to home.

Support from Housekeep office. Start immediately!
Top £8.50/hr pay & paid into your bank account


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The marketplace for freelances.

Gigs make $5 to $10K
Design, Marketing, Animation, Programming, Writing, Video, Music, Audio, Voiceovers, Teach something.


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Spend time with dogs. Get paid, repeat!

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Become a Host.

If you own a property you can rent out a room. Rent for a day, a few days, a weekend, or for weeks at a time – whenever you want.

International Service Checker

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Fancy yourself as Sherlock Holmes?

Perform evaluations when you want. Get paid per gig. Anyone can be an evaluator.


Female Uber Driver Shares Her Experience

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A self-proclaimed “gig boss” has been driving with Uber for just over a year and says she absolutely loves the flexibility.

We asked this mother of two what the upsides and downsides were when working in the gig industry.

Upsides included:

  • Flexibility allowing her to work whenever and wherever she wants.
  • Same-day “cash-outs” allowing her to earn interest on income immediately without waiting for her earnings to be deposited.
  • No helicopter bosses
  • Ability to take as many holidays as she wants without requiring the consent of a manager or an HR department.  “If I want to spend 2 months in the Serengeti or North Pole, it’s a no-brainer” she says.
  • Working in the gig industry,  driver parents are able to collect their kids after school whenever they want. It also means driver parents can attend school plays, sports races and accompany their kids on school fun days.
  • Being self-employed, you call the shots. Uber is simply an application that drivers and riders use.


  • Back ache  – sitting in a vehicle for long periods. Getting out and stretching between rides or walking is key.